Sometimes I just want a way out
Sometimes that is without a doubt
Sometimes I can’t see past myself
sometimes I’m tired of asking for help
Sometimes I have Joy and peace
Sometimes it’s the end I welcome to meet
Sometimes I am so lost
Sometimes I can’t bear my consequences and their cost
Sometimes becomes more than that
Sometimes I just back track
Sometimes I seal my fate
Sometimes it’s always because of my mistakes
Sometimes the pressure is too much
Sometimes I’ve just had enough
Sometimes I drive myself away
Sometimes I have no voice I cannot say
Sometimes takes me for a ride
Sometimes it’s isolated and I hide
Sometimes I’m just ready to leave
Sometimes I am living in disbelief
Sometimes is often when I’m alone
Sometimes is being distant and cold
Sometimes is just a disaster
Sometimes it’s over faster
Sometimes I drink to ease the pain
Sometimes it’s too much and no need for me to explain
Sometimes I just look at someone else
Sometimes I wonder why I got the hand I was dealt
Sometimes I long for simplicity
Sometimes I screw up everything
Sometimes I’m not attending my life
Sometimes it’s alright
Sometimes I drift into a dream
Sometimes it’s more real than it seems
Sometimes I get lost in that place
Sometimes it puts a smile on my face
Sometimes has held true
Sometimes it’s what we need to do
Sometimes I just have to let go
Sometimes this I already know
Sometimes has to end
Sometimes can’t dictate who I am
Sometimes is consistency
Sometimes doesn’t have to be everything to me
Sometimes I get to choose
Sometimes I choose wrong, I lose
Sometimes isn’t a way of life
Sometimes it goes wrong or right
Sometimes is only Sometimes
Sometimes if you look it’s where you’ll find
Sometimes we wish the clock would rewind
Sometimes it’s your imagination loosing track of time
Sometimes doesn’t have to fill your Day
Sometimes God’s the only way
Sometimes for him doesn’t apply
Sometimes it’s on us , those who win survive because they try