God’s will is an interesting subject because I think we all have a view of what it is. I know that I do even though it seems to ever be evolving. It’s something that I think is important to have a good grasp on if you are a Christian because it is supposed to be what we are all about as Christians. The problem, and I’m finding this more and more, is that in brief moments of clarity I realize I have no idea what God is really doing. I want to and I strive to know what the Bible says and what it means and I get comfort in getting closer to God, but the truth is God’s will is scary. When you get down to the nitty gritty it is absurdly frightening which leads me to wonder whether we really don’t want to know. We say we want to know, but when it comes down to it do we veil what God wants because we just can’t handle it?

Now, there are different contexts of God’s will. I think that we all can handle the more global views of God’s will much better than the personal views. It is scary to think about where the world is going in the near future and the reality of it’s decline that the Bible predicts, but we have a great hope and depending on your view we may or may not have to endure great hardship. I believe that we don’t endure the worst of it, but it is coming. It’s easier to think about, in my mind, because it’s out there somewhere. It’s not that personal and how does it impact my daily life anyway? I think it does impact my life, but I have too much other stuff to worry about to concentrate on events that may not even happen in my lifetime.

The context that is more important is God’s personal will for my life. Often, I will get asked by someone “What do I do? What does God want me to do?” Sometimes that answer is easier to discern. The issue at hand is a clear cut Biblical mandate and even though what is a Biblical mandate is often open to interpretation at least it is easier to discuss. Where it gets tricky are questions like “What does God want me to do?” and it’s personal. My answer always is “I can’t tell you that because what is right for me may not be right for you.” I can help someone figure it out, but it has to be God’s will for THEIR life. Personally, I feel that I am exactly where God wants me to be in my life which is a good thing for me because I get peace and joy, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes question if I am where I am supposed to be or maybe question whether God is leading the right way.

The real issue at hand here is do I really want to know what is God’s will? With knowledge comes responsibility and with responsibility comes accountability and with accountability comes commitment and is that what I really want? I know it is what we are called to and I think it is why we allegedly don’t often know God’s will for our lives. I don’t think that we want to know. I want to think that I am a good Christian and that God is going to say “Well done” when I see him face to face, but will He or am I just fooling myself thinking that I’m doing God’s will when in fact I am not. As I said earlier, I think that I am exactly where God wants me to be and I have peace and joy, but maybe there is more and I am not getting all of God’s blessing because I haven’t totally given myself to God’s will.

Jesus said that His yoke was easy and maybe I am complicating things, but as far as my relationship with God goes I want more. It also seems that God always wants more from us so I guess it appears that we both want the same thing. So, what’s the problem. Unfortunately, in examination of the situation, we come to the realization that God is perfect in all His ways which leaves the issue with us. Am I responsible, accountable and committed and or what am I responsible, accountable and committed to? I think that we all have to seek to want to truly know Him more to get in tune with His will for our life and then we have to want to surrender to doing what He wants us to do.